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Shell earnings fall 13% in second quarter

Shell has posted a 13 percent drop in second quarter earnings to $5.7bn as weaker oil and gas prices hit profits at the Anglo-Dutch energy group. Earnings on a current cost of supply basis, which strip out oil price fluctuations, were $5.7bn in the three months to the end of June, compared with $6.6bn a […]

BP reports drop in second quarter income

BP reported that its income for the second quarter was $2.7 billion after adjustments for inventory changes and one-off items, a 25 percent decline compared to the previous year and substantially below analysts’ consensus. The company said lower oil prices, declining earnings in Russia and higher tax rates all had a negative impact on its […]

Second-quarter 2013: Total profits dip despite output rise

Second-quarter profits dipped 3 percent even as the company reported the first output rise in three years. The Paris-based company, Europe’s third-largest oil company by production, said that adjusted net income between April and June was €2.7bn compared with €2.79bn during the same period last year – that was in line with the 2.65 billion-euro […]

Saudi divergences on crude production strategy

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi in an open letter that the kingdom won’t be able to raise production capacity to 15 million barrels of crude a day as planned, and that he disagrees with him over the impact of U.S. shale gas output. The prince published the letter today on […]

Colombia’s extraordinary oil boom

Starting in July, 140,000 barrels per day will course through the Bicentenario pipeline which is crucial to meet the country’s oil production that has surged 80 percent in seven years. Fully complete by 2016, the 960-kilometre pipeline will transport 600,000 bpd of mostly heavy Colombian blends by 2016 to the U.S. Gulf Coast refineries and […]

Refineries and the environment

Air, water and land can all be affected by refinery operations. Refineries are well aware of their responsibility to the community and employ a variety of processes to safeguard the environment. The processes described below are those used by the Shell refinery at Geelong in Victoria (Australia), but all refineries employ similar techniques in managing […]

The refining process: Cracking

Cracking processes break down heavier hydrocarbon molecules (high boiling point oils) into lighter products such as petrol and diesel. These processes include catalytic cracking, thermal cracking and hydrocracking. Catalytic cracking is used to convert heavy hydrocarbon fractions obtained by vacuum distillation into a mixture of more useful products such as petrol and light fuel oil. […]