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Qatar: the biggest exporter of liquid gas in the world

Although Qatar can be compared to Estonia in terms of its area and population (2 million in 2013), the country has by today become one of the biggest exporters of natural gas and the biggest exporter of liquid gas or LNG in the world. Vital U.S. ally that is home to a major American military […]

Shell: top player in LNG shipping

More than any of its rivals, Royal Dutch Shell is betting its future on the business of bringing natural gas from remote locations like Qatar to energy-hungry destinations like China and Japan. Shell has already invested about $ 40 billion in LNG production plants, storage terminals and related systems, and plans to continue pumping money into that […]

LNG: introduction

Natural gas is a major source of energy, but many towns and cities that need the energy are located far from the gas fields. Transporting gas by pipeline can be costly and impractical, so the IOC’s* cool natural gas to liquid to -160°C (-260°F), shrinking its volume for easier, safer storage and shipment overseas. LNG is a clear, […]