France’s Total SA (FP) is the best-performing stock among the world’s five biggest non-state oil companies this year and has overtaken BP Plc in market value. It’s also the only one that’s promised to cut capital spending. All five report third-quarter earnings this week. Chief Executive Officer Christophe de Margerie said last month that Total […]

As Iranian and western negotiators hunkered down for talks on Tehran’s nuclear programme in Geneva last week, oil traders and analysts went into their own war rooms – estimating the speed and quantity of oil the country can bring back to the market should sanctions be lifted. A rapid return of Iranian barrels could push […]

Just over a decade after a long-running civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, the West African country of Angola is one of the world’s hottest locations for the oil and gas industry today. Angola is the second-largest oil producer after Nigeria, according to Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries […]

Scandinavia has long been regarded as very expensive, even by visitors from other parts of Europe, with a major tourist bugbear being the price of alcohol. This view was confirmed in the summer by ECA International’s cost of living report, which showed that Tokyo had been knocked off its top spot for the first time […]

South Sudan is a new country that separated from Sudan and became an independent state in July 2011, taking with it much of its northern neighbor’s oil reserves. Today, companies such as China National Petroleum Corporation, India’s ONGC Videsh and Malaysia’s Petronas are running the country’s oilfields – which were pumping some 300,000 barrels of […]

During Vladimir Putin’s tenure as President of Russia, then Prime Minister, and then President again, Russia has enjoyed significant investment in its oil and gas industry. Although Moscow is not close to Russia’s main hydrocarbon-producing areas there are plenty of oil executives based in the capital city since major international oil companies, such as BP […]

As international oil and gas companies increasingly pursue hydrocarbons in frontier regions, the effect of investing billions of dollars into the developing countries where these energy resources are located has contributed to making places that were once regarded as backwaters, or even « Third World », very expensive places to live. While natives to a particular country […]